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What do you do on LinkedIn?

A LinkedIn member can use the networking site to find the right job or internship, create professional relationships, and learn the skills you need to begin, succeed, and advance in your career. Members can use LinkedIn to join groups, write and share articles, and post photos and videos. Users can use LinkedIn to stay connected with past classmates and colleagues.

Mid-level employees said they log onto LinkedIn to keep up with past classmates and colleagues and create their digital profiles. Senior-level employees log on to share and read articles. All respondents agreed they use LinkedIn to connect and network with people in their work and community. The senior-level associate professor at the University of Central Arkansas posts articles that she thinks students and alumni would appreciate. A former student, now the senior account coordinator at Merkle, is one of those students who enjoy reading those posts. See graph below. 

Graph 1. Uses on LinkedIn

Senior-level employees log on almost daily to check content and connections, while mid-level employees will log on 2-4 times per week. Senior-level employees also interact more often than mid-level. Mid-level employees do not share, like, or comment as often on LinkedIn. However, they are more likely to do this on their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

None of the respondents believe they use LinkedIn for all of its benefits, even though two respondents have a premium membership. Senior-level communication advisor at Midcontinent Independent System Operator uses his company’s LinkedIn account services but has yet to use them for his personal account.

You can pay for a premium membership for $29.99 a month, which gives users access to see who viewed their profiles, interview preparation, and learning courses. To learn more about what LinkedIn can offer a user, read The Benefits of Using LinkedIn For Your Career.

How do you use your LinkedIn account? Do you think a premium membership is worth the extra money? If you have the premium membership, how does it help you in your career or find a job? Let me know in the comments below or reach out to me!


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