LinkedIn vs. Others

With over 766 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has always been one of the most popular social media/networking sites. Most participants only use it to search for jobs in their area, and when they aren’t job hunting, they will spend less time on the site. However, LinkedIn is a way to make professional connections and build relationships with individuals and businesses.

LinkedIn isn’t as “social” as other sites because it is a business and job-oriented site. The senior-level associate professor at UCA says she “definitely [uses LinkedIn] less because of the professional nature of it.” She enjoys using Twitter to keep up with breaking news. “I use Twitter way more than I do LinkedIn, but I get equal value from both since they feed each other information on who I should network with and what companies/jobs I should look into.” One mid-level employee uses LinkedIn to network with potential workplaces and bosses. He also uses Twitter to connect with others. “To find the right people to network with on Twitter, I’ll use LinkedIn as the resource to crosscheck their company/job role,” says the (former) digital marketing specialist for The Communications Group. 

Respondents found Facebook and Instagram as a place to connect with family, friends, and pop culture. Twitter is used for both making professional connections as well as friends and family. The senior-level marketing director at FTN Associates says they use LinkedIn the same amount as Facebook, but more often than Twitter. She believes that LinkedIn and Facebook get the best views, impressions, and comments. The senior-level CEO of Ghidotti Communications rarely uses her personal Twitter but is continuously pushing out content on all social media platforms. “LinkedIn is considered a professional social media platform. It doesn’t contain a lot of the silliness that other platforms do. I feel confident that our posts on LinkedIn reach the people we want to reach.” says the senior-level marketing director at FTN Associates. 

The respondents who use LinkedIn more often like to use that platform to find articles specified to their interests and learn or use it for their workplace. Facebook and Instagram are used to socialize, while LinkedIn is used to network and learn.

“LinkedIn is like a professional version of Facebook, so it’s also interesting to read what other people are saying about trending topics such as politics, which I get amusement out of because some people do show their true colors on LinkedIn – just like Facebook.”

Senior Account Coordinator at Merkle

In the United States, there are (roughly) 190 million Facebook users, 170 million LinkedIn users, 130 million Instagram users, and 68 million Twitter users. However, it seems that most LinkedIn users choose to spend more time on other social networking sites than LinkedIn.

How do you use your LinkedIn account versus using your other social media accounts? Do you use LinkedIn for social use or only professional? Let me know in the comments below or reach out to me!

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