Out of the mid-level employees: One employee is a digital content producer at THV11. Four employees have marketing titles. These people work for a public library, a law firm, Rock Region Metro, and a public relations firm. Four have public relations in their titles. These people work for two different public relations firms. One is both marketing and public relations coordinator for their job. One is a graduate assistant for UA Little Rock. One is an administrative assistant for a construction company and has a helping hand in their marketing department. One is a community and government relations manager at Central Arkansas Water. 

Out of the senior-level employees: Two work at hospitals. One of these hospitals is in Las Vegas, but he has a permanent residence in Little Rock and worked at Children’s Hospital for thirteen years. Five employees have communication titles. These people work for Entergy, Conway Area Chamber of Commerce, a hospital, and at Midcontinent Independent System Operator. One owns a major communications firm. Two have marketing titles, who work for Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield and FTN Associates. Two are Vice Presidents, one over marketing and one over public relations for their companies. One is a senior account coordinator at a major marketing firm. One is an associate professor at the University of Central Arkansas.

I choose this group of employees to participate in my study because of the vast differences in current and past jobs. It is a mixture of employees who have been working for ten plus years or a couple of months. Some are recently graduated or have been in the workforce for years. Not everyone I reached out to chose to participate in the study, saying they did not get on LinkedIn enough to participate in my research. Employee titles and years are listed below.

Mid LevelSenior Level
(Former) Digital Marketing Specialist for The Communications GroupDirector of Strategic Communications at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas for two years. Former Director of Marketing, Communications, and Branding at Arkansas Children’s Hospital for 13 years.
Digital Content Producer at THV11 for two years.Marketing Director at FTN Associates for 13 years.
Marketing Coordinator at the Saline County Public Library for three years.Director of Business Development at The BridgeWay Hospital for 13 years.
Graduate Assistant at UA Little Rock in Communications at the College of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Education.Owner of Ghidotti Communications for 14 years.
Director of Marketing and Business Development at Rose Law Firm for three years.Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield for two years, former Vice President of Communications and Marketing at CARTI for 15 years.
Administrative Assistant for Paramount Metal Systems for three years.Vice President of Public Relations at MHP/Team SI for nine years, VP for two years.
Public Relations Specialist at MHP/Team SI for one year.Director of Communications at Conway Area Chamber of Commerce for ten years.
Marketing Communications Associate at Rock Region Metro for three years.Associate Professor at the University of Central Arkansas for eight years.
Public Relations Manager at MHP/Team SI for one year.Senior Account Coordinator at Merkle for two years.
Community and Government Relations Manager at Central Arkansas Water for one month, former Media Specialist for two years.Communications Specialist at Entergy Arkansas INC for one year, former Adjunct Instructor at Arkansas State University-Beebe for nine years.
PR Specialist at The Communications Group.
Public Relations Director at The Communications Group.
Communication Advisor at Midcontinent Independent System Operator for two years.
Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator at Today’s Power, Inc. for five years. 

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