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There are hundreds of social networking sites to which the world has access to use. The most common are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. LinkedIn is another social network that, unlike the other three I just mentioned, focuses on professional networking. 

Designed to help users create professional pages to make connections, share resumes, and find jobs, there are over 225 million members on LinkedIn (LinkedIn About Us, 2020). LinkedIn helps users professionally present themselves and allows companies to post job openings and share who they are. LinkedIn is used in multiple ways. Users have the opportunity to create a professional network, write articles on topics that interest them, and keep up with what companies and colleagues are doing. 

This study will explore how public relation professionals use LinkedIn in their careers, focusing on senior-level and mid-level employees. Professionals, entry-level employees, and recent graduates need to know how to use the many benefits of LinkedIn. For this project, I will examine the ways public relations professionals use the networking site and ask them to explain why they created the profile and how they use it.

Please leave comments and questions or reach out to me via email to discuss this project!

Published by Shelby Sites Ford

20-something year old college student who's just trying to navigate my way through life.

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